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What is a Credit Card Verification Code?

Credit Card verification codes (known as CVV2 for VISA and CVVC for MasterCard) are important safety features designed to protect your credit card accounts. The code is a three-digit number that appears at the end of the account number on the back of the credit card. It helps us validate that our customer, presumably the legitimate cardholder, has the actual card in their possession when making an online purchase or using our printable order form.

How to find the Credit Card Verification Code.

The Credit Card Verification Code is located on the back of your credit card in the signature strip. Find the series of numbers printed in the signature strip (where you signed your card). At the right end of the number is a group of three digits; these three digits are your Credit Card Verification Code. (Please see example below.)

Credit Card Verification Code

How does the Credit Card Verification Code protect the use of my Credit Card?

The Credit Card Verification Code is not encoded into the magnetic strip on your card, so it is not picked up by card readers and, since it is not part
of your account number, it will not be printed on any sales receipts or billing statements. You must have the card in your possession to see and use
the code. When we process the charge with your bank, they check the code to see if it is correct. This validates that our customer had the credit card in their possession when they placed the order.

What if part of the Credit Card Verification Code is not legible?

On some cards, the printing for the Credit Card Verification Code may be worn away or be smudged or illegible. If you can't read the Credit Card Verification Code, try using another card that has a legible code. Otherwise, contact your bank and ask them to provide you with the Credit Card Verification Code for your card. They will most likely send you a new credit card with a legible, but different, Verification Code. (Each time your bank issues new card, they print a different Credit Card Verification Code on the card.)

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